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My Qualifications

 Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist 

Graduate of California State University, Dominguez Hills in 1999 with a Master's of Science degree in Marriage, Family and Child Counseling and obtained my state of California license in Marriage & Family Therapy in 2003.  Over the past 24 years I have provided an array of clinical services to adults, children, youth and families.  I am trained in several evidenced based practices and have spent a significant portion of my career providing support to those who have experienced adverse childhood experiences and complex trauma.  

I have found that those in the healing arts/mental health professions experience compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma as well as burnout while supporting others.  Being of service to others is rewarding yet it can also become problematic in your life without appropriate boundaries and self care strategies.   I provide therapeutic support to those in the healing profession assisting them to increase their  protective factors in order to do the work they are passionate about while boosting their resiliency skills to maintain a healthy balance in their lives.   

Employee Assistance 

Provides wellness training and decompression education and support to community based organizations.  Partners with leadership teams to process /manage work related trauma exposure and to increase staff resiliency.     

Clinical Supervisor

Since 2005 I have provided clinical supervision, guidance and mentorship to Marriage & Family Therapist Trainee's & Interns/Associates as they gained their clinical hours towards licensure. 


Past Adjunct Professor 

Past Adjunct Professor at California State University, Dominguez Hills in the Marital & Family Therapy program for 11 years.    Educated and provided guidance to emerging mental health professionals.  

Community Mental Health Clinician, Advocate & Senior Leader 

Provided mental health services to children, adolescents, and families in community based mental health programs.  

Held senior leadership positions for over 11 years at a Los Angeles based multi-service non profit organization advocating for systemic and enduring change to support, protect and empower children and families who have experienced adverse childhood experiences and complex trauma.  Designed programs and led teams to provide culturally appropriate and innovative services which met the behavioral health, youth development and family support needs of children, adolescents and their caregivers.




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